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Weekly Mowing
Spring Clean up
Fall Clean up
How you mow your lawn plays a large factor in the health of your lawn. That is why at Lake Country we use top of the line equipment, sharp blades, alternate cutting patterns and a maintained mowing hight of 2.5 to 3.5 inches to keep your grass growing green and healthy. Our weekly mowing packages consist of weekly mowing, mulching of grass, trimming along all edging, curbs, trees, obstacles such as fire pits and blowing of excess grass clippings off of driveways, walkways and patios. Bagging of clippings and leaf removal is a additional charge. Weekly mowing contracts are fully customized to each lawn. Contact us today for a free estimate of your lawn. One time and bi-weekly mowing is also available.

Spring can be a busy time of year so leave it to us to clean up all the mess of winter and and make your yard ready for the upcoming summer. Spring clean up includes the first lawn mowing of the year at a low height with a mulching deck to let the light penetrate to the roots of the grass to stimulate growth while mulching brings out the thatch or dead grass and finely chops it into compost. We also remove all leaves,sticks and yard debris from the landscaping. Clean up is also available for an additional charge. This service is usually preformed in April-May. 
At Lake Country Lawn & Landscape we provide our customers the highest quality lawn care and an educated staff that pays full attention to detail. Offering services personalized for your lawns unique needs. Call today for a free estimate (952) 380-8953

Lake Country provides a variety of services including:
Fall clean up is essential to protect the health of your lawn over the winter months. Excess leaves left on the grass over the winter leads to mold and deadspots. Our fall clean up consists of a final mowing for the year, removal of all fallen leaves in your yard, blowing of excess leaves around landscaping and mulching or bagging of grass clippings and leaves.( Mulching of leaves is recommended as a more environmentally friendly alternative to bagging ) Hauling of sticks and grass clippings from property is available on request. Fall landscape clean up is also available on request with additional charge. This service is preformed October-November.
If you have any question concerning deliveries, services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
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Aeration is the practice of removing cores of soil from the lawn loosening compacted soil allowing water, air and sunlight to reach the roots of the grass and stimulate growth. Over seeding and or fertilizing is recommended after aerating because it allows the fertilizer and the seeds to penetrate the compact surface layer of the ground so it becomes more effective and less likely to wash away in the rain. Plugs of soil are left on top of the turf and gradually brake down into top soil over a short time. Service usually preformed in spring or fall.
Power Edging
Power Edging redefines the edge of your flower beds,driveways or walkways by cutting a crisp groove along the edge leaving a clean professional manicured look to help sharpen your yards appearance. Service available through out the entire mowing season but best done in the early season.
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Seeding & Sodding 
​Whether your looking for overseeding, patching dead spots or you are looking for a newly seeded or sodded lawn Lake country has a solution for you. We only use high quality sod and seed matched to your yards specific growing conditions.
Dethatching loosens up the layer of dead grass and thatch allowing oxygen,sunlight and water to stimulate the roots of the grass. Service best preformed in spring.
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